>_ Videogame Orchestra @ POPAGANDA. check the Poptape in Greek.

>_Those Wonderful Chiptune Medleys is finally released with a masterpiece of a cover art by Antony_Squizzato. Download it here.

>_ Check our interview at iamgreek.nl both in English and Greek.

>_ Don't forget to check frequently our Soundcloud account for fresh tracks. New collaborations and more.

>_Massive Update : 19 covers + 1 original uploaded under "tracks" section.Check it ASAP!

>_ VGO tribute to Brazilian Beaches released by Pterodactyl_Squad. Get it here both in 8bit and 16bit formats.

>_ VGO featuring mc Yinka track "Sentiment" released by ánthrōpos-mēkhané. Get it here in Digital format. Enjoy the video made by Lonesome_Robots and directed by WethePeople. Watch it here.

>_ VGO vs YMO 7" collectible vinyl released by our new label ánthrōpos-mēkhané. Get it here in both Digital and Vinyl formats.

>_ VGO supports Modular Expansion. This is the freshly come out of the box label by our friend and collaborator George Apergis. First release on a white smashing Vinyl. Quelle produced by G.Apergis and VGO. VGO loves DETROIT TECHNO!!! Get your copy on Hard_Wax, Decks.de and Juno_records

>_ Don't worry if you think that 111 tracks it's only the end of our archive. Check out "Last but not Least" with 14 games and TV themes covers. Including the long awaited "Lotus III" by many of you). Get it here

>_Pterodactyl Squad has done it again. This time, some of the greatest chiptune artists gathered to cover Carpenter's themes. IT'S ALL IN THE REFLEXES as Jack Burton claims in "Big Trouble in Little China". Download it ASAP here

>_VGO have contributed a track for the Rokko Chan arranged album compilation. Check it among other super fantasitc tracks by many many artists. Get it here

>_A tribute to one of the greatest bands ever Pink_Floyd is released from Pterodactyl_Squad. Dark Side of the Moon the 8-bit album is now a fact thanks to this amazing netlabel. VGO contributed by arranging track "Us and them". Check it out here!

>_VGO have contributed a track for the Hydorah arranged album compilation. Many artists combine their musical assets for this fantastic freeware game. Get it here

>_Bitbotized EP released from Pterodactyl_Squad !!! A cover EP full of deranged tracks including remixes from Nina Simone , the Cramps , Blues Brothers and many more... Download the ultimate 8bit cover EP here!

>_Robot Flense |Remixed| out now from TDS !!! A special remixed album with contributions of the finest techno and chiptune artists from around the globe! Find out why this release rocks here!

>_VGO are very proud to announce the release of City_Beat_Records a 2LP compilation "Underground Electro Vol.1", the first in a series of vinyl releases - featuring VGO's "Electro Music Transform" amongst various international artists, representing the authentic sound of the eighties =]

>_VGO have given an extended interview to Sound_Maker music technology magazine. Out now!

>_Z, the ultra-hip fellow from Hipster,_Please!, has released a tribute album to dr.WHO :Visitations, that includes a VGO remix! Thanks Z!

>_VGO have contributed a track for the Iwadon tribute, by GM4A to the awesome game composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki! .

>_"Werk" E.P released by TDS.

>_A remarkable tribute to popular band Weezer has taken flesh n' bones thanks to netlabel and friends Pterodactyl_Squad. The first track of the compilation, made by VGO, is a castlevania approach oF "Island in the Sun". Check it out alogside other weezer's remixes made by tremendous artists here!

>_There are no words to describe the awesomeness of GM4A...No words either can describe their latest compilation called "Here Comes A New Challenger II Turbo" ! It's a massive collection of talented musicians [and nerds] and VGO did their best alongside sexy_boy Girlz_Melon to deliver a remix medley of "Megaman - X". Find out how they did it, here!

>_Once again those yummie nerds from GeekDad have included a VGO track in "Hiptrax Episode #25" podcast. Obviously they like VGO a lot... Here is what they say: "mk ultra" by Videogame Orchestra. Here is a list of other things from Greece that are as great as VGO: 1) Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus 2) The Gyros And that's it. They are truly that awesome." You can download the podcast here.

>_VGO marked as "BAND OF THE MONTH" for March 2009 at GM4A.

>_"Riot" E.P released by ii music.

>_"Enter the Dragon" Video. Watch Bruce Lee annihilating bad guys in a 2-player fighting mode (xvid - AVI).Download it here.

>_"Metroid fusion/I lost my chipset's driver last night". Video combining "Metroid Prime" (GameCube) with "KARAS" and "EUREKA 7" anime series (xvid - AVI). Download it here.

>_Once more, the non-resting folks at GM4A have included 2 VGO tracks in their new SEGA GENESIS tribute compilation, called "LOSER". Click here to visit the official site.

>_VGO have contributed a brand new track to the latest GM4A compilation, called "Welcome to World 2"! Click here to visit the official site.

>_ GeekDad have included VGO in HipTrax 7. Click here to listen to the podcast.

>_A massive 3-disc remix compilation entitled "Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch!", dedicated to the "Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars" game was released by GM4A, including 3 exclusive remixes by VGO! Click here to visit the official site.

>_ Hipster,Please! has included VGO in its EP.44 radio show. Click here to listen to the podcast.

>_VGO is proud to announce the release of "L'Internationale" LP by Sajama_Cut, which includes a VGO remix and a video of the remix, directed by Raquel_Meyers. "L'Internationale" will be available in Asia, Indonesia and Japan through Aksara Records on June 2008.

>_"Here Comes a New Challenger" compilation release by GM4A, featuring 35 artists and two exclusive VGO collaborations! Click here to visit the official site.

>_"Slot Machine" E.P released by ii music.

>_VGO made a special "shouts" Feliz Navidad video [in xvid - AVI format].You can download it here.

>_VGO's bonus DJ Set at Freeshout Festival available here.

>_"Cobra against Ninja" featured in "Robots and Discos" compilation byKittenrock. Download available here.

>_VGO performed live at Freeshout_beta_Festival_2007 in Prato, Italy at ex-macelli [17/11/07]. Click here for photos.

>_VGO performed live at Play_Cultures in Novi Sad, Serbia Vojvodina at CK13 [06/10/07]. Click here for photos.

>_VGO is currently working on various remixes and other projects, stay tuned for more updates!

>_Exclusive VGO track "GM4A" is featured in the "music EXP" compilation release, from GM4A.

>_VGO Video "Cobra Vs Ninja" was broadcasted @ Waveform Podcast, Episode 16.

>_VGO contributed track "blockhead's power up" for cd compilation "elektr-o-tech experiments"
@ Freeze mgzn.

>_VGO performed live at the 6th_Medi@terra_-_international_art_+_technology_festival [Gaming Realities] in Athens, Greece at Fournos [10/07/06] and gave away 150 limited CDs. Click here for photos.

>_VGO performed live at the 3rd Sonic Arts & Technologies Forum 2006 @ INFOSYSTEM
in Salonika, Greece [10/01/06] and gave away 150 limited CDs.

>_VGO video "Electro Music Transform" available. Click here to view (720x300pixels, 20mb).

>_VGO performed live at Synch_Festival_(2nd_Edition) in Athens, Greece [02/07/05]. Click here for photos.

>_VGO performed live at EKKOFEST in Bergen, Norway [02/10/04] and gave away 200 limited CDs. Click here for photos.




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